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China will enter the winter or seasonal high incidence of influenza

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Winter spring, influenza a (H1N1) virus will with seasonal influenza a (H3N2 influenza virus and influenza b virus epidemic together, and with the cold air strikes, China will enter a seasonal flu season. The Chinese center for disease control and prevention, an epidemiologist at zeng guang today to remind the public, seasonal flu harm to human body as a/h1n1 flu, children, the elderly, patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular remain vigilant, influenza vaccination, comprehensive prevention and control.

He in the Chinese preventive medicine association jointly held with sanofi Pasteur company, according to the 2010 national conference on flu prevention and control of the Chinese public interest for a long time for influenza is low, become the focus of the a/h1n1 flu outbreak this year last year turnaround, make people gradually relax to the flu alert.

In may this year to 3000 cases of a national survey results showed that the swine flu outbreak in 2009 when the national influenza vaccination rates are significantly higher than in 2008, in which children inoculated by nearly 20%, the intention of this year, the public is the flu vaccine immunization and apparent fall back.

Meeting with clinical data show that the flu epidemic incidence of preschool children can exceed 40%, easily induced pneumonia, myocarditis, otitis media, meningitis, and other serious complications; Patients older than 60 years influenza prevalence rate is as high as 16%. Flu epidemic periods of heart attack deaths than increase a third season, one over ten also increase the risk of death from coronary heart disease; 21% of patients with asthma acute worsening in the hospital, 6% fatal asthma patients related to infection in hospital.

Professor of Peking University people's hospital respiratory He Quan win points out that the current Chinese children flu vaccination rates far below the level of developed countries 50% immunization, the elderly vaccination rates are less than 5%, while developed countries reached 70%. Influenza high-risk groups in the hospital, he thought, the main problem is that the flu awareness is low, the ego to protect consciousness is poor, especially the old and slow have diabetes, asthma patients; But what is more worrying is that a lot of the old and slow disease always think your body is very strong, do not need to make flu vaccine.

To this end, the experts said: the elderly, children and people with cardiovascular, diabetes, and respiratory disease is a high risk of flu complications, recommended vaccination priority.

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