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Effects of Diet on Asthma and Allergic Diseases

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Recently, the French immunologist David Dombrowicz in the international academic journal nature reviews immunology published a review article, influence of diet on asthma and allergic disease are summarized.

In the article the author points out that in the past 30 years, allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, greatly increases the incidence of allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma, according to the world health organization, according to a survey of about 230 million people around the world by allergic diseases. Although the occurrence of allergic disease with early life has a lot to do with lack of contact with the microbial products, but also affected by lifestyle changes, dietary change is one of them.

The article on the current research on the power of diet in allergic disease consolidated summary, and the epidemiological data and based on the research results of the functional of the experimental animal model were discussed. In addition, the author also for prophylaxis reduce allergic disease through diet that summarizing the possible mechanism.

In this article, the author summarizes the discussion from the following several aspects:

Maternal and infant diet and allergic disease

Epidemiology data shows that the mother and baby on food contact resistance plays an important role in the process of allergic diseases. There is no data to support should be in pregnancy and lactation period diet control or allergic food will be put off to join the baby's diet, pregnant and lactation women and infants in the diet food allergens could occur for the prevention of allergic diseases and asthma have a certain benefits.

Obesity and allergic disease

Although it has been proven that obesity is lead to cardiovascular disease risk factors, but some epidemiological studies have shown that obese individuals with a BMI greater than 30 more likely to asthma.

The author also from the Angle of mechanism research on the relationship between obesity and asthma and other allergic diseases are summarized.

The influence of dietary components to allergic diseases

Finally, the author of saturated fatty acids in the diet, the chain fatty acids, polyunsaturated long chain fatty acid, cholesterol and its derivatives, fibers and short chain fatty acids, vitamin a, vitamin d3, tryptophan and its metabolites, vitamin e and probiotic composition such as the relationship with allergic diseases were summarized.

This article according to the results of the epidemiological survey data as well as the basic research on the relationship between diet and asthma and allergic diseases has carried on the summary of systemic summary discussion, to allergic diseases and metabolic correlation research has important guiding significance.

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