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British experts found that asthma "no drug therapy"

Number of visits: Date:9/21/2016

The British scientist invented asthma "no drug therapy"

British researchers have recently invented a kind of no drug therapy for the treatment of asthma, which is an important progress in treatment of asthma.

According to British media reported Monday, the new therapy is called bronchial hot anaplasty. Implementation of the treatment, the doctors insert a probe in the anesthesia of the patient's lungs, to its organization within the narrow bronchiole heating, to destroy the bronchioles channels of smooth muscle. The researchers found that the bronchioles channel of asthma patients often than normal person is much more narrow, by destroying the channel and part of the smooth muscle, can reduce the risk of asthma.

Reported that researchers at the university of Newcastle in four countries, in this way for ages 18 to 65 years old between 112 patients with mild and severe asthma treatment, found that their asthma attack rate decreased about 50%.

Involved in the study of Paul rees said that although the treatment for those hard to control the condition of patients treated with drugs provides a new choice, but is not to say that this therapy can be widely used, because it is a new technology, needs further to study the curative effect.

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